Project number: 2021-1-HU01-KA220-YOU-000029116


Én Kint Egyesület (Applicant) – HU –


Fundacja Pro Futuro – PL –


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ProjectMeOut is created to increase the knowledge of European project funds’ opportunities, concentrating on Erasmus+ KA105, among youth organisations and people working with young people, including young people directly. Additionally to teaching about different grants,
programmes and opportunities, we aim to teach the target groups quality project writing knowledge and skills and through that not only increase the quality of the applied projects, but also the quantity of quality projects.
Increasing quality, innovation and recognition in youth work Through teaching project writing skills to youth organisations and giving them supportive tools, we can ensure better quality projects being written and implemented in the youth field. Through projects with strong content and impact (youth workers and youth mobilities) the youth workers will increase their capacities, skills and knowledge during the modern times through sharing practices locally as well as internationally.
Youth work has developed at a different pace in various countries, therefore it is crucial to create good quality and innovative contact making seminars, training courses and meetings to share and learn from each other's good practices from around Europe and the world.
Based on the results, we developed the activities of the project and we have set four objectives:
1. Develop project writing skills in youth organisations, youth workers and young people
2. Develop a support online platform for project writing
3. Develop learning materials and courses to support young people and organisations in project writing
4. Create concrete occasions for practicing project writing

Funded by the Erasmus+ program of the EU